Who we are:

Think2 is proud to be one of Humana LT network vintage clothing stores that promotes sustainable fashion through a circular economy model which recycles, upcycles, and builds an aware community of beautiful people sharing different tastes but the same vision.

Where it started:

Our first Think2 physical stores opened in Belgium in 2007 and later we opened more stores in Germany. Now we are expanding as an online store. We are here to bring unique experience, as well as easier and quicker access to shop preloved vintage items online.

Our approach and aim:

The journey is to make things better, better in all possible ways. It’s never too late to start to become a bit more conscious about who we are, how we live and how to improve. We aim to bring the shopping experience as good as the best online clothes retailers, ensuring fewer clothes end up in landfill.

3 R stands for:

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. We encourage our customers to avoid buying things that are not needed or spontaneous, extend life cycle of clothes you already own, old blouse match with different trousers or maybe try to paint on the pockets of sad old jeans?: )


Why we love what we do:

We love our customers and their attitude towards sustainable fashion. We encourage our customers to share our values: a celebration of individuality, appreciation of quality and a dedication to environmentally conscious, responsible and sustainable fashion.

Every input of yours – helps: 

Our profit money goes to various social projects. Humana LT and it‘s network, including Think2 stores, every year donates big part of their profit. All this money is used to develope enviroment protection projects, strengthen local communities, educate and fight with pandemics in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Lithuania

For more information about our projects and donations, please visit the following websites: 



So how does it work:

Reducing our environmental impact has been a top priority since day one. We recycle 2600 tons of garments each month, which is more than 85 tons per day!

Team of professionals carefully sort all items, only small part of it is suitable to our online store, the rest continues to be recycled (we have only 5,5% of waste from all received items)

Suitable items that match the specific standards we’ve set for ourselves, are carefully divided into different categories and quality levels.

Items that are selected, go through quality control: well trained fashion experts pick out the best items that match the set standards for true vintage, branded or more fashionable pieces.

We process every garment by laundering, sorting, steaming and getting it ready for the dispatch to the online store warehouse.

Once the vintage goods reach our E-shop department, all items get to be quality checked one more time: carefully measured and priced.

One of the most important steps in this process is to capture the item in its best light. For that we use Style Shoots studios that gives the photos their professional look.  

Then the listing happens and you get to see and choose from the variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and etc. We are adding new products to our e-shop every working day.

New developments

 Humana LT has signed an agreement with @Eternia Solar Lietuva on the development of solar power panels. With the addition of 500 kW of electric power, the total capacity of the solar power plant will reach 1 MW.

On the roof of our company's production building, the Eternia Solar team will additionally install 1,350 solar panels that will occupy 3,453.5 square meters. m. area. It is planned that the 1 MW solar power plant will produce about 957.8 MW per year and cover over 45 percent of our annual electricity consumption.

We are a socially responsible company that is compassioned about environmental issues. We are happy to emphasize these values ​​not only by words but also in our actions.

Our physical stores can be found in Belgium and Germany

You can find the locations here:https://think2.eu/content/12-shops

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